Winner of 2023 NITheCS heat of FameLab SA

Photos: Jive Media Africa

From helping honeybees to using bioinformatics in treating diabetes, young NITheCS researchers shared their science with flair at the NITheCS heat of FameLab SA in March.

Congratulations to the heat winner, Goratileone Oepeng. Goratileone is an entomology student at the University of Pretoria whose research interest is in honeybee pheromones.

The runner-up is Adeshina Odugbemi. This bioinformatics PhD student at the University of the Western Cape taps into the computational power of bioinformatics to improve health for those living with diabetes.

Goratileone sees science communication as a key that could open funding and collaboration opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

The FameLab competition is a great way for young scientists and researchers to improve their presentation and communication skills, meet fellow researchers and have fun.

Goratileone will be among the winners of the various heats in South Africa who vie for the national title of winner of FameLab SA 2023. The national winner will participate at an international level later this year.