By Anneke Erasmus, Stellenbosch University

Seven postgraduate students from the Department of Physics at Stellenbosch University undertook an outreach road trip to the Eastern Cape in early September 2022. The aim of the trip, supported by NITheCS and Optica, was to grow learners’ awareness of careers in science.

Over 280 students from five high schools in the Eastern and Western Cape attended demonstrations of a range of physics experiments this year. These included experiments on angular momentum conservation, the ideal gas law and electromagnetic induction. Various laser-based experiments illustrated the working of optical fibres, total internal reflection and phosphorescence. These interactive sessions also provided the opportunity for students to ask questions.

The Postgraduate Student Society and Stellenbosch Laser Student Chapter of the Department of Physics have organised annual physics outreach road trips since 2010. The initiative aims to raise awareness among grade 8 to 12 students about the enriching opportunities in physics and science. Students who never considered a career in science are encouraged to do so.

Stellenbosch University outreach road trip 2022

Members of the 2022 outreach team (from left): Holinirina Dina Miora (PhD Laser), Hanri Jacobs (Hons Laser), Imraan Badrodien (PhD Laser), Anthonie De Beer (PhD Laser), Damian Robson (MSc Nuclear), Jaymie Van Der Merwe (Hons Theoretical), Kelsey Everts (Hons Laser)


Stellenbosch University students on an outreach programme