NITheP Research Programmes


The NITheCS Research Programmes, launched in 2021, span the network of our Associates and involve South African universities as well as several international collaboration partners.  We encourage our Associates to get involved in this exciting research. Furthermore, we will report on the advances and outcomes of the research programmes regularly.

2022 Research Programmes and PIs

New insights into astrophysics and cosmology with theoretical models confronting observational data
PIs: Prof Amare Abebe (NWU), Prof Aroon Beesham (MUT), Dr Shajid Haque (UCT), Prof Yin-Zhe Ma (UKZN), Prof Soebur Razzaque (UJ) and Prof Bruce Watson (SU)

Machine learning in support of theoretical and computational science
PIs: Prof Marelie Davel (NWU) and Dr Stefan Lotz (SANSA)

Genomics, bioinformatics, and advanced medicine
PIs: Prof Martin Bucher (UKZN) and Dr Japie Greeff (NWU)

Quantum technologies for sustainable development
PIs: Dr Shajid Haque (UCT), Prof Thomas Konrad (UKZN), Prof Jeff Murugan (UCT) and Prof Ilya Sinayskiy (UKZN)

Advanced computational modelling of materials
PIs: Prof Tjaart Kruger (UP), Dr Aniekan Ukpong (UKZN) and Dr Kingsley Obodo (NWU)

Advancing biodiversity informatics and ecological modelling
PIs: Dr Vernon Visser (SANBI), Prof Cang Hui (SU), Dr Sandra MacFadyen (SU), Dr Emmanuel Dufourq (SU) and Prof John Measey (SU)

Space-like mathematical structures and related topics in algebra, logic and computation
PIs: Prof Zurab Janelidze (SU), Dr Yorick Hardy (WITS) and Dr Partha Ghosh (UNISA)

2021 Research Programmes

Computational Studies of Optoelectronic Properties and Material Engineering of Photoactive Layer in Perovskite Solar Cells
PIs: Dr NE Maluta (UNIVEN) in collaboration with Prof RR Maphanga (CSIR) and Dr E. Maphasha (UP)

Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics Foundations for HIRAX Big Data
PI: Prof Amanda Weltman (UCT)
Co-PI: Prof Kavilan Moodley (UKZN)
Co-investigators: Prof Roy Maartens (UWC), Prof Mario Santos (UWC), Dr Michelle Lochner, (UWC),  Prof Matt Hilton (UKZN), Prof Bruce Bassett (AIMS), Prof Aritha Pillay (DUT), Prof Oleg Smirnov (RU)

Theoretical Modelling for Genomic Contact Tracing
Proposers: Prof Martin Bucher (PI) (UKZN/CNRS/APC), Prof Bruce Bassett, (AIMS), Prof Steven Gratton (Princeton), Sinoxolo Nene (UKZN), Prof Tulio de Oliviera (KRISP/UKZN) and Prof Ilya Sinayskiy (UKZN)

Machine Learning meets Theoretical Physics 
PIs: Prof Vishnu Jejjala (WITS), Prof Jonathan Shock (UCT), Dr Pallab Basu (WITS), Prof Robert de Mello Koch (WITS)

Big Data Science applied to Nuclear Physics
PI: Prof Nico Orce (UWC)

South African Theory School (SATS)
PI: Prof WA Horowitz (UCT)
Co-PIs: Prof Robert de Mello Koch (WITS), Prof Jeff Murugan (UCT), Prof Jonathan Schock (UCT), Prof Amanda Weltman (UCT)
Faculty and university partners: Prof Azwinndini Muronga (NMU), Profs Amare Abebe and Christo Venter (NWU), Prof Stefan Ferreira (NWU/NASSP), Profs Makaiko Chithambo and Denis Pollney (RU), Prof Kevin Goldstein (WITS), Prof Alan Cornell (UJ), Dr Eric Maluta and Prof Joseph Kirui (UNIVEN), Profs Nico Orce and Roy Maartens (UWC), Dr Betty Kibirige (UZULU)

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