The goal of the mathematical structures and modelling research programme is to investigate mathematical structures across the traditional boundaries of disciplines within mathematics and neighboring fields, including but not limited to theoretical computer science and theoretical physics. The research programme focuses on empowering researchers in advancing their individual discipline-specific research projects in balance with distilling from those projects themes for collaborative interdisciplinary research endeavours. Various aspects of the research carried out in this programme form the basis of NITheCS science engagement initiatives.

  • Membership of the research programme is open to any NITheCS associate who is keen to contribute to the research programme in the framework described above.
  • Any member of the programme who substantially contributes to the research program can be a principal investigator in the research programme. Principal investigators take initiative to liason with each other around the overall success of the research programme. They also act as managers of the portion of the NITheCS funds for the research programme that is allocated to their university.
  • Every member of the research programme must include the following as their second address (after their main university address) in all of their publications: National Institute for Theoretical and Computational Sciences (NITheCS), <name of the city of their university>, South Africa.
  • Members of the research programme are generally expected to engage in the academic ecosystem of NITheCS, beyond the activities of the specific research programme (e.g., attend and contribute to NITheCS colloquia).
  • This page gets updated every so often, but is never fully updated.


Published or In Press (27)
  1. D. Barrish, S. Kroon, B. van der Merwe, Making Superhuman AI more Human in Chess, Advances in Computer Games 2023 (accepted)
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  27. H. Prodinger, Deepest nodes in marked ordered trees, Annales Mathematicae Silesianae 36, 2022, 215-227
Submitted for Publication (35)
  1. R. Benjamin and C. Budde, On the order Lozanovsky spectrum of a positive operator, submitted for publication, 2022
  2. R. Benjamin and F. Schulz, On peripherally multiplicative maps on Banach algebras, submitted for publication, 2022
  3. L. Boonzaaier and S. Marques, Near-field structures induced by multiplicative automorphisms, their limits and generalized means for complex numbers, submitted for publication, 2022
  4. C. Chun, K-T Howell and N. Neudauer, A characterization of matroids that come from near-vector spaces, Electronic journal of Combinatorics, submitted for publication, 2023
  5. A. Craig, M. Haviar and K. Marais, Dual digraphs of finite meet-distributive and modular lattices, submitted for publication, 2023
  6. A. Craig and C. Robinson, Representable distributive quasi relation algebras, submitted for publication, 2023
  7. A. Craig and C. Robinson, A representation of odd Sugihara monoids via weakening relations, submitted for publication, 2023
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In Progress (44)
  1. I. Allie, B. Du Preez, Z. Hefty, T. Kunene, and S. Mafunda, Proximity and Remoteness in Trees with given Segment Sequence, work in progress, 2023
  2. A. Alochukwu, P. Dankelmann, S. Mafunda, S. Mukwembi, Average Distance and Connected Domination, started 2023
  3. Y. Azouzi, M. Masmoudi, B.A. Watson, The Kakutani-Rokhlin Lemma for conditionally ergodic processes in Riesz spaces, work in progress 2023
  4. C. Bartels, S. Currie, B.A. Watson, Oscillation theory and eigenvalue asymptotic for Sturm-Liouville equations with transfer conditions, work in progress, 2023
  5. Z. Janelidze, C. Rathilal and I. van der Berg, A note on the definition of a metric frame, started 2022
  6. D. Baboolal, P. Pillay, and C. Rathilal, Convexity in metric frames, started 2022
  7. R. Benjamin and A. Goswami, Investigating open problems on the spectral synthesis for Banach algebras, started 2022
  8. R. Benjamin and C. Schwanke, Exploring open questions in Banach lattice algebras, started 2022
  9. P.A. Binding, P.J. Browne, and B.A. Watson, Non-real eigenvalues and Jordan chains for the p-Laplacian, work in progress, 2023
  10. L. Boonzaaier and S. Marques, Nier-field structures on a given scalar group, started 2022
  11. B. Blum-Smith and S. Marques, Barycentric subdivisions, parameter subrings, and a negative answer to a question of S. Murai, started 2022
  12. A. Craig and C. Rathilal, Compactifications of the interval topology, started 2023
  13. K. Dayaram, A. Goswami, and Z. Janelidze, Formal analysis of Yoneda-Quillen exact categories, started 2022
  14. K. Dayaram, A. Goswami, and Z. Janelidze, Self-dual axiomatic approach to diagram lemmas, started 2022
  15. K. Dayaram, A. Goswami, and Z. Janelidze, A survey of the butterfly lemma, started 2022
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  18. B. Du Preez and S. Mafunda, Proximity and remoteness in triangulations and quadrangulations of prescribed degree and connectivity, started 2022
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  21. G. Feierabend and Z. Janelidze, A functorial parsing of partially bracketed expressions, started 2023
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  32. Z. Janelidze and G. Joubert, Reverse Cayley representation theorems for monoids and semigroups, started 2023
  33. Z. Janelidze, S. Marques, and D. Moore, On the category of near-vector space, started 2022
  34. Z. Janelidze, B. Robinson, H. Roosenschoon and G. Woithe, On the gestalt structure of music, started 2023
  35. Z. Janelidze, F. van Niekerk, J. Viljoen, and B. Wessels, On the endomatch index of a digraph, resumed 2023
  36. A. Kalauch, W. Kuo., and B.A. Watson, Indecomposability, irreducible and ergodicity for Riesz space processes, work in progress, 2023
  37. W. Kuo and B.A. Watson, The Stein-Chen method and a law of small numbers in Riesz spaces, work in progress, 2023
  38. S. Marques and E. Mrema, 2-cyclotomic extensions, started 2022
  39. S. Marques and L. Pagano, Jet algebra ramification groups, started 2022
  40. S. Mafunda and E. Mwambene, On automorphism groups of Cayley graphs of conjugacy type on PSL(n,q), started 2022
  41. R.Picard, B.A.Watson, Generalized Sturm-Liouville problems and their related time-evolutionary systems, work in progress, 2023
  42. C. Rathilal, Wallman compactification and S metrizable Frames, started 2022
  43. C. Rathilal, Locally non-separating sublocales, staerted 2022
  44. C. Rathilal and A. Pultr, Local non-separation and fitness, started 2022
Paper Embryos (16)
  1. C. Budde and Z. Janelidze, On the category of C0-semigroups, conceived 2022
  2. S. Currie, M. Nowaczyk, B.A. Watson, Some first order one and two parameter inverse spectral problems, work in progress, 2023
  3. S. Currie, B.A. Watson et al, Inverse Sturm-Liouville problems with eigenparameter dependent transmission conditions, work in progress, 2023
  4. G. Feierabend, Haskell implementation of SOFiA on GitHub and live software, conceived 2022
  5. A. Goswami, Prime spectra of modules over quantales, 2023
  6. A. Goswami, k-hyperideals of hypersemirings, 2023
  7. A. Goswami, Some remarks on ring of arithmetical functions, 2023
  8. A. Goswami, Cohen structure theorem for Jacobson semisimple rings, 2023
  9. A. Goswami, M. Hoenselaar, Z. Janelidze, and I. van der Berg, Relative lower topology, conceived 2022
  10. J. Homann, W.Kuo, and B.A.Watson, Information Theory in Riesz spaces, work in progress, 2023
  11. Z. Janelidze and P. Jipsen, A categorical view on relational clones, conceived 2022
  12. Z. Janelidze, G. Joubert and F. Schulz, Ranked monoids, conceived 2022
  13. Z. Janelidze and B. Laing, Assemblers, conceived 2022
  14. W. Kuo, B.A. Watson, et al, Strong mixing in Riesz spaces, work in progress, 2023
  15. T. Ndlovu, B.A. Watson, B. Zinsou, The Kolmogorov n series theorems in Riesz spaces, work in progress, 2023
  16. A. Tzimoulis, K. Dayaram, G. Greco, P. P. Ghosh and Z. Janelidze, Understanding canonical extensions, started 2022


September - December 2023

September 2023

  • Research visit of Andrew Craig (UJ) at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (4-8 September). Host: Cerene Rathilal 
  • Research visit of Andrew Craig (UJ) at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (4-8 September). Host: Cerene Rathilal
  • 13th International Workshop on Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications (18-19 September, Cyprus): Brink van der Merwe gives two talks, “Formalizing BPE Tokenization” (joint work with Martin Berglund) and “Ordered Context-Free Grammars Revisited”.
  • Heidelberg Laureate Forum (23-29 September): Cerene Rathilal and Vivien Visaya presented a workshop in topological data analysis. Cerene Rathilal hosted a Women in Mathematics session.

October 2023

  • Research visit of Andrew Craig (UJ) at Chapman University (USA, 28 September – 18 October). Host: Peter
  • Research visit of Cerene Rathilal at University of Pavia (1-6 October). Host: Frank Neumann.
  • Abstract Algebra online sessions (6 and 9 October).
  • Research visit of Nancy Neudauer at Stellenbosch University (6 Oct – 23 Dec). Co-hosts: Bruce Bartlett and Karin-Therese Howell.
  • Mathematics Club at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (14 and 21 October).

November 2023

  • Charles Nsukukazifani Msipha gives a talk on “The Evolution of the Number Concept from Natural to Real Numbers” at the Table Mountain Delta 2023, the 14th Southern Hemisphere Conference on the Teaching and Learning of Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics (26 Nov – 1 Dec)

December 2023

  • Topology for Tomorrow (9-11 December) co-organised by Cerene Rathilal.
May - August 2023

May 2023

  • Research visit of Cerene Rathilal at Stellenbosch University (10-17 May). Started collaboration with Jean du Plessis, Zurab Janelidze and Bernardus Wessels on chainmails. Cerene Rathilal gives a NITheCS colloquium talk (15 May).
  • Impromptu mathematical exploration session discovering a concept of entropy of a metric space (20 May). Participants: Zurab Janelidze, Gideo Joubert, Roy Ferguson.
  • Cerene Rathilal gives a departmental seminar talk at the University of the Witwatersrand (25 May).

June 2023

  • Charles Nsukukazifani Msipha delivers an invited plenary talk at the 28th Annual National Congress of the Association for Mathematics Education of South Africa (26-30 June).
  • Research visit of Cerene Rathilal at the University of Johannesburg (25 June – 2 July). Host: Vivien
  • Abstract Algebra Online Session (10 and 11 July).

July 2023

  • Engagement Workshop on Deductive Reasoning in School-Level Mathematics (3 – 7 July). Participants: Charles Nsukukazifani Msipha, Noluntu and Imi Baart, Two Mathematics Teachers from the Merensky High School (Limpopo)
  • Bruce Watson and Cerene Rathilal deliver a NITheCS session at Functional Analysis and Operator Theory South Africa (3 – 7 July), WITS Rural Facility,  Limpopo.
  • Cerene Rathilal gives a presentation about the “Future Mathematicians Programme and Community Engagement” at the Annual Research Meeting of the CoE-MaSS.
  • Research visit of Miroslav Haviar (Matej Bel University, Slovakia) at University of Johannesburg (27 July – 6 August). Host: Andrew Craig (UJ)

August 2023

  • Zurab Janelidze is invited for an engagement visit at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Host: Sudan Hansraj. Zurab Janelidze and Cerene Rathilal run a mathematical expedition session at a local school under the Future Mathematicians Programme.
January - April 2023

January 2023

  • Logic at the intersection of Algebra, Categories and Topology, a CIMPA summer school aimed at early career academics and senior postgraduate students (2-13 Jan). Main organizer (from the Mathematical Structures Research Programme): Willem Conradie
  • Research visit of Peter Jipsen at Stellenbosch University (20-21 January). Host: Zurab Janelidze
  • Workshop on Graph Theory 2023 (22-29 January). Main organizer (from the Mathematical Structures Research Programme): Sonwabile Mafunda
  • Brink van der Merwe: research visit to Umeå, Sweden.
  • Undergraduate Mathematics Research Workshop at Stellenbosch University (30 January). Main speaker: Nancy Neudauer (USA). Organizers: Zurab Janelidze and Karin Howell. Link: talk post of Zurab Janelidze

February 2023

  • Research visit of Prof Anke Kalauch (TU Dresden) at the University of the Witwatersrand. Hosts: W. Kuo, J. Homann and B.A. Watson.

March 2023

  • Cerene Rathilal gives an online Grade 12 Term 1 revision class (3 and 10 March).
  • Cerene Rathilal co-organises International Day of Mathematics zoom event (11 March). NITheCS Public lecture in celebration of the International Day of Mathematics (13 March) given by Zurab Janelidze. Links: slides, recording.
  • Stellenbosch Category Theory Seminar (17 March) organised by James Gray. Speakers: Hans Porst, Michael Hoefnagel, Bruce Bartlett. Link: blog post by Zurab Janelidze.
  • Visit of Marino Gran at Stellenbosch University. Colloquium talk by Marino Gran (20 March). Workshop in Categorical Algebra (26 March) attended by students and staff of UCT, SU and University of Louvain-la-Neuve. Speakers: Michael Hoefnagel, Gideo Joubert, Emma Theart, and a PhD student of Marino Gran.
  • Women in Mathematics and its Applications Research Day (23 March), held at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences. Organised by Karin-Therese Howell and Nancy Ann Neudauer. Among the attendees where female undergraduate students from Stellenbosch University.
  • Mathematics meets rock music collaborative session at Stellenbosch University (24 March). Zurab Janelidze meets with students in mathematics and music for experimenting composition of rock music based on mathematical “gestalt diagrams” (joint work with Hans Roosenschoon, Bethany Robinson and Gerhard Woithe).
  • Research meeting on abstract connectedness at Stellenbosch University (31 march). Start of a collaborative project with Jean du Plessis and Bernardus Wessels.
  • Visit of Nancy Ann Neudauer at Stellenbosch University. Co-hosts: Bruce Bartlett and Karin-Therese Howell.

April 2023

  • Abstract Algebra Online Holiday Programme for School Learners, Grades 8+ (5 & 6 April) launched by Cerene Rathilal. First session (5 April) was presented by Cerene Rathilal and Sophie Marques. Second session (6 April) was presented by Zurab Janelidze and Sophie Marques.
  • Research visit of Noluntu Baart at Stellenbosch University (17-21 April) for joint work with Zurab Janelidze and Erna Lampen on mathematical structures in primary education.
  • Zurab Janelidze visits Amartya Goswami at Univesity of Johannesburg for a research discussion and has a preliminary discussion with the CEO of SACNASP about imlementing mathematical enrichment classes in Soouth African schools for better preparation in science (April 25).
  • Emerging Perspectives in Mathematics II conference in Zingwazi (near Durban): Cerene Rathilal contributes a talk, “Locally non-separating sublocales”. Zurab Janelidze contributes a talk on a joint work with Helmut Prodinger and Francois van Niekerk (April 28). Dharmanand Baboolal contributes a talk: “A topologist’s apology”. Zurab Janelidze and Cerene Rathilal introduce the Mathematical Structures and Modelling research programme of NITheCS to the participants of this conference in a special session.
September - December 2022

September 2022

  • Research visit of Noluntu Baart at Stellenbosch University (20 September – 8 October). Host: Zurab Janelidze
  • Mathematical Structures Workshop (12 September – 14 September) presented at Witwatersrand University by Professor Biswajit Mitra (University of Burdwan, India) and Sourav Koner (University of Burdwan, India)

October 2022

  • Kishan Dayaram visiting Categorical Algebra research group at Stellenbosch University (9 October – 9 December). Collaborator: Zurab Janelidze
  • Partha Pratim Ghosh visiting Categorical Algebra research group at Stellenbosch University (9-26 October). Collaborator: Zurab Janelidze

November 2022

  • Fundamano production (4 November), science engagement/entertainment event for the celebration of the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development, see for more information. YouTube channel:
  • Workshop at Stellenbosch University on measure structures organized by Zurab Janelidze (18-20 November). Participants: Kishan Dayaram, Zurab Janelidze, Gideo Joubert (Honours Student), Cerene Rathilal

December 2022

  • Topology for Tomorrow: workshop at AIMS aimed at early career academics and senior postgraduate students (3-5 Dec). Main organizer (from the Mathematical Structures Research Programme): Cerene Rathilal
May - August 2022

May 2022

June 2022

  • Research stay of Charles Msipha at Stellenbosch University (1-4 June). Hosts and collaborators: Roy Ferguson, Michael Hoefnagel, Zurab Janelidze, Sophie Marques, Emma Theart.
  • Online Math School (2 June) presented by Cerene Rathilal
  • Research Workshop (6-10 June) at the University of Johannesburg presented by Andrew Craig, Themba Dube, Yorick Hardy, Amartya Goswami, and Apostolos Tzimoulis. Organized by Amartya Goswami and assisted by Cerene Rathilal
  • Research Workshop in Algebraic Geometry (20-30 June) presented by Sophie Marques. Workshop participants: Chad Brache, Damas Mgani and Elizabeth Mrema.

July 2022

  • Research visit of Francois Schulz at Stellenbosch University (4-8 July). Host and collaborator: Ronalda Benjamin. July 5: workshop organized by Zurab Janelidze and delivered by Francois Schulz on “Generalized rank, trace, and determinant”. Workshop participants: Ronalda Benjamin, Zurab Janelidze, David Olabiyi (MSc student), Dimby Rabearivony (PhD student), Francois Schulz, Tolotranirina Andrianarisoa (PhD students).
  • Research visit of Dharmanand Baboolal and Cerene Rathilal at the University of the Western Cape (10-16 July). Host and collaborator: Paran Pillay. July 14: research workshop organized by Zurab Janelidze and delivered by Dharmanand Baboolal on “Metric frames”. Workshop participants: Dharmanand Baboolal, Roy Ferguson (MSc student), Zurab Janelidze, Paran Pillay, Cerene Rathilal, Ineke van der Berg (PhD student).
  • Research visit of C.A. Finocchiaro at the University of Johannessburg. Host and collaborator: A. Goswami

August 2022

January - April 2022

January 2022

  • Online meetings for setting up the Research Programme.

February 2022

March 2022

  • Online seminar (3 March) presented by Amartya Goswami
  • Online Math School (4 March) presented by Cerene Rathilal
  • Online Math School (11 March) presented by Cerene Rathilal
  • Meet a mathematician Part I and Part II (14 March) hosted by Cerene Rathilal
  • Research Workshop on Monoidal Sum Structures at Stellenbosch University (20-25 March). Participants: Roy Furgeson, Michael Hoefnagel, Zurab Janelidze, Charles Msipha, Emma Theart. Organized by Zurab Janelidze

April 2022

  • Research Workshop on Lower Topology at Stellenbosch University (3-10 April). Participants: Amartya Goswami, Michael Hoefnagel, Micheala Hoenselaar, Zurab Janelidze, Ineke van der Berg. Organized by Zurab Janelidze
  • Online Math School (21 April) presented by Cerene Rathilal