There has been very positive feedback on fundamano.  The project presents mathematics concepts in an entertaining show that ‘takes you on a journey of appreciating the complexity of mathematics as something arising naturally by a need for a better solution to a real-life problem…’ Alice and Bob, school pupils spending time with friends in a Café, end up rediscovering fascinating mathematical concepts during attempts to exchange secret messages with one another.

Among others, fundamuno is an explorative discussion about parallels between creative processes in music and mathematics. It included pianist Kate Watson performing ‘Bug Book’ (Goggaboek) by South African composer Hans Roosenschoon.

This creative idea was organised in celebration of the International Year for Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development under the auspices of NITheCS, the Academy of Sciences of South Africa (ASSAf) and the Department of Science and Innovation. This first performance in a series, featured scholars who are passionate about both mathematics and the arts.

On behalf of the production team, Prof Zurab Janelidze, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Stellenbosch, expressed his joy about the production’s success and the ‘enormous amount of positive feedback from the audience.’

He added: ‘This is of course thanks to ASSAf and NITheCS, as well as other supporters of the production, who helped us so much with advertising at short notice. The audience was constantly laughing at the intended and unintended funny moments and applauded generously in-between the acts. The students delivered stellar performance. The way mathematics, and specifically its conceptual roots, was combined with music and light-hearted humour was indeed a first-ever event on the planet, as we promised to deliver.’