IndabaX 2023


Researchers, industry professionals and students celebrated the phenomenal achievements in Machine Learning within the vibrant South African Machine Learning community at Deep Learning IndabaX South Africa. The event took place at the University of Cape Town from 12-14 July 2023.

NITheCS was one of the major partners that made IndabaX possible, and also sponsored the entry fee for 10 people.

The international IndabaX programme started in 2018 and A Deep Learning IndabaX is a locally-organised ‘Indaba’ or conference that helps ensure that knowledge and capacity in machine learning are spread more widely across the African continent.  More than 300 participants and 50 presenters attended this year’s event.

The organisers presented innovative solutions to ensure that events were as interactive as possible – even despite some challenges due to loadshedding.

Perhaps the best indication of the success of IndabaX are the reactions and comments of those who attended.

  • Chaka Mofokeng: ‘It was an incredible event. The conference was packed with valuable insights, cutting-edge research, and inspiring talks from prominent figures in the field of deep learning and artificial intelligence. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to keep up with the latest industry trends, gain knowledge about emerging technologies, and connect with fellow professionals and researchers. The workshops and sessions were exceptionally informative. The conference has significantly contributed to my professional growth and will undoubtedly benefit our organization as I apply the newfound knowledge to our ongoing initiatives. Once again, my heartfelt appreciation for the opportunity to attend IndabaX. I am grateful for the support of NITheCS in facilitating my participation.’
  • Daphney Bucher: ‘I am not in the field of ML or AI, but these are tools that I can use in my experimental physics research. I attended the event to learn more and network with experts in the field so we can start some collaborations. It was a successful event with a variety of speakers from the foundation, research, and industry.’
  • Dumisane Gift Macheke: ‘It was great being exposed to expert opinions in the field and getting to know of the work being done has been nothing short of inspiring.’
  • Sinegugu Mthembu: ‘I had a great time, met new people in the machine learning field and got updated with the most recent applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence in research and industry.’
  • Makhamisa Senekane: ‘I had a great time at IndabaX South Africa!’

Lydia De Lange, who helped to organise the event, expressed the sentiment of many of those who attended: ‘After a busy, inspiring and learning-filled three days, it was finally time to say goodbye to all our new friends. Although it was sad to say goodbye, there was also a feeling that this would not be the last time we would see each other.’

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