QBronze109, the first QBronze Quantum Programming Workshop in South Africa, will take place online from 3 to 7 July 2023 via Zoom. High school learners, university students and graduates, researchers, professors, and industry experts are all invited to participate.

The QBronze109 workshop, titled ‘Quantum Computing and Programming’ will teach participants the basics of quantum computing and how to write simple quantum programmes.  After the QBronze workshops, which are held with the support of the international QWorld Association, more advanced QSilver & QNickle workshops could be presented locally.

‘We fully support this initiative and are enthusiastic to be co-organisers of the event,’ says Prof Francesco Petruccione, Interim Director of NITheCS. ‘A workshop like this helps to further our work of providing an ecosystem in which the basic sciences can flourish. In this case, expanding the local know-how in the field of quantum computing will contribute to the work done in many scientific endeavours.’

The next generation of quantum scientists
The QWorld Association is a non-profit global organisation that brings quantum computing researchers and enthusiasts together. Their main goal is to ‘popularise quantum technologies and software. Also, through education and skill development opportunities, QWorld is training the next generation of quantum scientists.’  One of its critical strategies is to establish active and collaborative local quantum groups. These groups organise events in their regions. Until now, there have been 26 QCousins (branches), so QSouthAfrica will be the 27th, says co-organiser Omid Hassafar, who is a PhD student in the Quantum Research Group of Stellenbosch University.

QBronze109 is organised by Ioannis Theodonis, Omid Hassafar and Prof Francesco Petruccione.  The workshop will be led by Kareem H El-Safty. The mentors will be Abbas (Omid) Hassasfar, Amy Rouillard, Chanelle Matadah Manfouo, Donovan Slabbert, Tristen Gwynn, Matt Lourens and Muhammad Al-Zafar Khan.

This course is self-paced and participants may watch lecture videos and complete tasks by themselves. The format will be one where daily problem sets are assigned via QWorld’s Canvas. The participants who successfully complete the sets with at least 50% per problem set and an average score of 75 points in total will be awarded diplomas. Mentoring support will be available throughout the workshop.

More information about QBronze109: https://qworld.net/qbronze109/
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Please direct any questions to: qsouthafrica@qworld.net