Dear Associates and Friends of NITheCS,

Now that the world has started opening up for travel again, patterns are changing. Members of the NITheCS community can once again travel to conferences both locally and abroad. We will also start adopting hybrid modes for some of our events, including the upcoming CHPC Summer School.

The July Mini-school will be hands-on with ‘A Practical Introduction to Quantum Computing with Qiskit’. There is a growing community making use of Qiskit, and we encourage participation to benefit from this great opportunity to learn from one of our leading experts in this field.

As many of you might already be aware, the DSI-NRF have postponed their closing date for MSc and PhD bursary applications to 22 July 2022.  NITheCS will follow suit and close our bursary call by midnight on 22 July 2022. Should there be any questions, feel free to contact us at

I wish all members of our community a very productive July.

Best wishes,

Francesco Petruccione